Physics Nobel laureate sworn in as the U.S. Energy Secretary

1997 Physics Nobel prize laureate Steven Chu has been sworn in as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, PhysicsWorld reports. In previous news about this nomination, I had already felt that this is a strong indication of the seriousness with which President Obama is taking the issues his administration faces. According to this earlier […]

The White House Blog and e-democracy

I was gladly surprised to see the new website introduced by the Barack Obama administration, and especially so with the new White House Blog. The new web front for the United States Government has been received with praise [ “Change Comes To The Internets” said the Daily News] but also with cautious skepticism. One […]

Making some noise

I have been spending my last few days on a little fight against government bureaucracy. The Queensland Department of Main Roads is planning to upgrade a motorway close to my house. They are adding two extra lanes and building another bridge down the road — the second Gateway Bridge — and this large arterial road […]