New prepint on the arxiv: “Experimental criteria for steering and the EPR paradox”

I have submitted a new paper to the physics arxiv, entitled “Experimental criteria for steering and the EPR paradox”. It is joint work with my collaborators Steve Jones, Howard Wiseman and Margaret Reid.

I’m particularly excited about finally getting this paper off, as it was holding back a few other works — and because I think is a nice paper too! Click here for the arxiv version.

Here’s the abstract:

We formally link the concept of steering (a concept created by Schrodinger but only recently formalised by Wiseman, Jones and Doherty [Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 140402 (2007)] and the criteria for demonstrations of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox introduced by Reid [Phys. Rev. A, 40, 913 (1989)]. We develop a general theory of experimental EPR-steering criteria, derive a number of criteria applicable to discrete as well as continuous-variables observables, and study their efficacy in detecting that form of nonlocality in some classes of quantum states. We show that previous versions of EPR-type criteria can be rederived within this formalism, thus unifying these efforts from a modern quantum-information perspective and clarifying their conceptual and formal origin. The theory follows in close analogy with criteria for other forms of quantum nonlocality (Bell-nonlocality, entanglement), and because it is a hybrid of those two, it may lead to insights into the relationship between the different forms of nonlocality and the criteria that are able to detect them.


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