My talk at “Causation and Decision”

The Centre for Time at The University of Sydney has made available the audio and slides for a talk I have given at the “Causation and Decision” conference in Sydney in January. They can be found here, under the tab “Causation and Decision”.

This talk was essentially the same that I have given at the “The Clock and the Quantum” conference at Perimeter Institute — “Newcomb’s problem in the light of Bell’s theorem”. Professor Huw Price, Head of the Centre for Time, saw that talk and invited me to presented it in this conference in Sydney. Huw talked after me building on my argument against Causal Decision Theory and presenting his proposal for an unifying view.

Actually, there’s also another set of slides/audio from a talk I gave at the first workshop organised by the Perimeter Institute – Australia Foundations (PIAF) collaboration. That’s under “PIAFWorkshop2008”. That talk was titled “Steering, predictability and other concepts of ‘experimental metaphysics'”.

The Centre for Time webpage says those files will eventually move to the Sydney eScholarship Repository, so try this link if the former are dead.


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