My 3 minutes of rockstardom

Did you always want to be a rockstar and have a professional-looking music video of you rocking on You Tube, but don’t have the talent or inclination to actually pursue the career?

Your problems are over! Just pop up at the Hero Vision stage in Brisbane’s Game On Exhibition and you will walk out with something pretty close to the real thing. No talent necessary but a willingness to step up there and have a go.

Hero Vision is based on the videogame Guitar Hero (but it’s a more recent version whose name I forgot — ok, it’s called Rock Band). You can play the guitar, bass, drums and sing, and if you get it right the game will play the actual music track. The voice is mixed live with the original voice channel. It requires some skill but it’s relatively easy to get something interesting out of it.

So here’s our own music video performing Radiohead – Creep. Aggie in the guitar, Simon in the drums, Shana in the bass and me in the honk.

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