Reality, Locality and All That

I just realised that I didn’t mention in my blog that I have made my PhD thesis available in the physics arxiv.

It was submitted in October 2007 for the Doctor of Philosophy degree at The University of Queensland, and my degree was granted in May 2008. The title is “Reality, Locality and All That: ‘experimental metaphysics’ and the quantum foundations.” Here’s the abstract:

In recent decades there has been a resurge of interest in the foundations of quantum theory, partly motivated by new experimental techniques, partly by the emerging field of quantum information science. Old questions, asked since the seminal article by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR), are being revisited. The work of John Bell has changed the direction of investigation by recognising that those fundamental philosophical questions can have, after all, input from experiment. Abner Shimony has aptly termed this new field of enquiry “experimental metaphysics”. The objective of this Thesis is to contribute to that body of research, by formalising old concepts, proposing new ones, and finding new results in well-studied areas. Without losing from sight that the appeal of experimental metaphysics comes from the adjective, every major result is followed by clear experimental proposals for quantum-atom optical setups.

And here’s the link:


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