Hello world!

Ok, so I finally got off my butt and started this blog. So much to say, so little time… Where to start, where to start? Self-advertising, of course! Click here for some little info about me and here for my publications list.

I’ll also throw in my favourite Escher picture (thanks Howard!).

M. C. Eschers Print Gallery

M. C. Escher's "Print Gallery"

I like to think of this picture as a metaphor for human inquiry. The boy is in the art gallery, looking at the picture of the harbour, but at the same time he is himself in the picture. The genius of Escher was to represent beautifully the paradoxical self-referential nature of our search for what it’s all about.

By the way, this website has a very interesting story about this picture. They studied the mathematical transformation that Escher intuitively applied to his picture (and he had only high-school maths training!) and completed the central blemish. The result, may I say, just enhances the poetic beauty of this image.

Time for bed now. More tomorrow.


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