My talk at “Causation and Decision”

The Centre for Time at The University of Sydney has made available the audio and slides for a talk I have given at the “Causation and Decision” conference in Sydney in January. They can be found here, under the tab “Causation and Decision”. This talk was essentially the same that I have given at the […]

The paradox of choice

I have a thing for paradoxes. It should be obvious: in my PhD thesis I talked about the EPR paradox, Schrodinger’s cat paradox, the “paradox” of Bell nonlocality; I have recently talked about the connection between Newcomb’s paradox and Bell’s theorem. Newcomb’s paradox also shows my interest in decision theory. And I have also dissected […]

My talk at “The Clock and the Quantum”

Perimeter Institute has made available online the talks for the recent conference “The Clock and the Quantum”, which was organised through the Perimeter Institute – Australia Foundations (PIAF) collaboration. In my talk I tried my hand at a problem in the philosophical foundations of decision theory. Here’s the abstract: In recent years there has been […]